Dog Cages For Cars – Buying Tips

Mar 4
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Dog Cages For Cars

Double Dog Cage

Why Do I Need A Dog Cage For My Car?

The opportunity to take your dog with you in the car is great for both you and your pet.  But just letting your dog roam your car free can become dangerous for you and your dog as well.  The solution to this problem is to get a dog cage for your car.  Dog Cages For Cars separate you from your dog so that your dog can’t cause you to get into a car accident or get into the things you may have put into your car like groceries or other products you picked up while you were out.

Other Advantages Of Dog Cages For Cars

  • Your dog will be more comfortable in their car dog cage and not be falling over on every turn.
  • Seats and upholstery will be protected from your dogs nails and teeth and keep your car clean and tear free.
  • If you were to get into a car accident, your dog will be protected from being thrown from the vehicle or running away and risking getting hit by another car in the even of a bad accident.
  • If your dog gets car sick, a car cage will often solve that problem and make them feel better on trips.

What To Look For When Buying Dog Cages For Cars

  • You will want a strong dog cage that is especially made for a vehicle.  Some manufactures even have crash testing statistics for the strength of their dog cages.
  • Most Dog Cages For Cars are adjustable so that they will fit most cars.  If you decide to buy a non-adjustable dog cage make sure you measure your car first so that you know it will fit.  Don’t just measure the inside of your car.  You will have to somehow get the dog cage in and out of your car so be sure to measure the opening you plan to use as it is generally smaller than the inside and probably smaller than you think.
  • There are some models that are built specifically for individual car models and fit exactly in them.  They cost a bit more but really look like they belong in the car.  And if your model car doesn’t have a cage readily available you can get custom made dog cages for cars.
  • Molded plastic and wire frame dog crates for cars are the best bets.  Regular plastic cages are approved for flights but are not sturdy enough for use in a car.
  • Wire frame cages are the easiest to keep clean.  Keeping the cage clean will keep your dog healthy and your car smelling fresh.
  • A folding type dog crate can be very useful if you are traveling frequently or need to take the cage in and out of your car often.

Where To Buy Dog Cages For Cars

You can buy a dog cage for your car at all pet stores and you can even find them at big box stores like Walmart and Target.  In order to find the specialty fit dog cages you pretty much have to buy them online at places like Prices range from about $50 to over $100 depending on the style and size you are looking for. Dog travel cages made for specific cars can sometimes be $500 or more for custom car crates.  You may also want to invest in dog crate covers to keep your dog cage looking nice and sooth your pet while they are on the car trip.

If you go on trips with your dog you need a dog cage for your car to keep you and your pet safe.


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